The word is out, Digital Accelerators is live!

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of the start and scaleup tech ecosystem in Germany by delivering the best available specialists and the right capital to your business.

We have been working hard and putting a lot of thought into how to best serve the community and provide our clients with the tailor made solutions that they are looking for. The recruitment and tech investment industry needs have changed vastly since I began my career years ago and it is of the utmost importance that we recognise this and identify the key aspects where we can jump in and support our clients and business founders. 

One of the stand out needs which we have identified is flexibility. To us, flexibility means allowing both us and our clients to better adapt to changes and different hiring situations. As your partner, we are here to consult you throughout this process and together come up with a strategy which is tailor made to your company needs, whether that be permanent, freelance or a mix of both. Furthermore, as we understand the importance of cash flow, especially within a scaling business, we are happy to offer variable payment terms, depending on your needs at the time.

The next noteworthy aspect which we wanted to address is the issue of time. We are all busy and we wanted to create a solution for our clients which would save them time and make the recruitment process as seamless as possible. We are very happy to announce that we have created an individual ATS system for each of our clients, providing an efficient and effective experience and ensuring that you are able to make the right hires with greater ease and speed.  

When we look at the tech industry within Europe, it is also very clear that early stage investment is imperative in order to successfully scale and create more jobs. Taking example from the industry in the United States, we believe that a competitive edge could be gained from an increased number of angel investments in those companies who have had limited exposure. We are looking into alleviating some of these problems by offering various investment solutions, such as angels investment, peer to peer lending and venture capital from either ourselves or one of our partners.

Lastly, I will be sharing a lot more industry information and articles moving forward regarding business strategies, investment, staffing and more. As always, I am open for a virtual coffee and chat. For those based in Berlin, I am open for a walk and chat:) Feel free to book it directly in my calendar or you’re welcome just to call me directly.

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